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About Us

About us

Myluckyzone.com LLC is a USA company registered and headquartered in Alpharetta GA. Our business model allows us to have a global presence in multiple regions or countries as a local company delivering services within the rules and laws of the region.

We are an online advertisement company with a unique model that benefits both our users and our clients, who we consider as partners. We provide goods and services to our users which they can obtain with their points earned by watching the promotion pages of our clients. Our clients on the other hand are guaranteed to only pay for promotion services that are consumed by the targeted potential customers.

Over the years, the method of advertisement has evolved from Newspaper ads, Radio and TV announcements to primarily online internet outreaches. This is due to the wide use of the internet for business and entertainment purposes. There is hardly a business or an organization today that does not have an internet website, which is used not only to showcase the business or organization to its consumers; but also to undergo online sales.

Online internet advertisement as offered by Google and Facebook requires clients to pay an average of about 30cents of a dollar for each click someone makes on the advertisement link or image. But we know that at least 9% of the clicks are invalid clicks and it is unknown how many of the “valid” clicks ever result to the user actually taking time to view the advertisement. Companies do not pay based on users actually seeing the promotion page or ads but they pay on the supposition that their ads are actually viewed by potential customers. This calls for a need for a fairer and more measurable system that allows companies and organizations to know that they are paying for a truly consumed advertisement program.

Existing online advertisement offerings charge companies for clicks on a link even though users may not necessarily spend any time watching the Ads. Most web ads are quickly closed by users when displayed on a site they intend to go. Rarely do users intentionally open ads with interest to see them; thus causing companies to pay more than what they get from online ads. Myluckyzone.com solves this problem by causing customers to desire to see the promotion pages and for companies to only pay for the time the customers spent viewing the ads.

For more information see this link https://myluckyzone.com/usa/site/howitworksvideo